RM4,990.00 RM3,990.00

    4 days, 28 hours
    This programme is a combination of classroom lectures, demonstrations and lab exercises with computers.
     Lecture (Day 1 – 4)
     Lab demonstration (Day 3)
     Pre-Course Test (Day 1)
     Exam (Day 4)
     Wrap Up (Day 4)

    Course objectives:

    Upon completing the Certified Internet of Things Technologist Training with exam, the student should be able to:
     Understand the concepts of IoT and various building blocks to build an IoT application.
     Understand the architecture, communication protocols, energy management in IoT.
     Understand the technologies behind setting up end-to-end IoT ecosystem.

     Understand the concepts in designing and optimization of IoT applications.
     Acquire the knowledge and skills in building a business entity focusing on IoT solutions
     Design and develop smart IoT applications.

    Internet of Things as a buzzword has caught the attention of all of us. This course will help you gain adequate knowledge on the Internet of Things. You will be able to understand the potential of the Internet of Things for our society, in terms of impact on the lives of billions of people and on the world economy. You will also understand the underlying technology that powers the Internet of Things, as well as the challenges that comes with such technologies. We will explore many real-life examples of IoT devices that are commercially available, and you will have a glimpse of the future of the Internet of Things.
    Learning outcomes
    At the end of this course, the students will be able to
     Explain what is the Internet of Things
     Understand how Internet of Things devices interact together & with users
     Learn about the protocols used by Internet of Things devices
     Discover the different platforms that are available to develop applications
     Learn about commercially available devices that are already using the Internet of Things
    Understand the current challenges of the Internet of Things

    Certified Internet of Things Technologist Training with exam:
     Overview of Internet of Things (IoT) system
     Overview of Advancement in MEMS based sensor
     Reliability of sensing technology – robustness, sensitivity, security
     Type of sensors
     Integration of sensor output to ADC
     Interface circuitry ADC to micro controller and communication protocol
     Sensing instrumentation and measurement
     IoT Concepts and standards
     IoT component dimensioning
     IoT Communications Protocols
     IoT Internet Gateways
     IoT Device Requirements Design
     Cloud Computing of IoT
     Securing IoT Networks
     Application Stacks to IoT
     IoT Data
     IoT Smart-X Applications




    Five days of intensive learning is a unique opportunity to take a deep dive across seven key areas in wireless. This course will provide insight into how different facets of wireless practice fit into the overall design, implementation, and operation of wireless networks. It helps participants understand current technology and operations and assess prospective future developments in wireless communications. It’s also a recommended course for those who seek to earn the IEEE Wireless Communications Professional credential.

  • Industrial 4.0 Awareness Program

    RM1,500.00 RM1,200.00

    The purpose of this seminar was to increase the awareness of the latest development on Industry 4.0 among SMEs and to encourage the adoption of Industry 4.0 technology. Our principal, Anston Tan, presented a talk on this subject to a well-attended audience of government and business leaders from the manufacturing industry.

    Our booths, managed by iPlast4.0, iFactory 4.0 and German Training Centre together with our Eco partners, ADVANTECH, German-Malaysian Institute (GMI) and Wittmann Battenfeld, received overwhelming response.

    This seminar was graced by YB. Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed, the Minister of International Trade and Industry, who also showed great interest in our booths.

  • Telecom Training for Non-Engineer

    RM1.00 RM0.00
    Telecom training course for non-engineers provides an introduction to the landscape and fundamental technologies of the telecommunications marketplace. Designed with the non-technical professional in mind, this course provides day-to-day examples of the intricacies and competitive landscape of the industry. Most importantly, telecom fundamentals for non-engineers provides crucial insights into fast-changing and dynamic competitive landscape, regulations [...]